Please congratulate any members of the marching band on an exciting season that concluded Saturday. The Grant County Marching Band was awarded 5th place in the Class 4A State Marching Band Championship. While parents and supporters were hoping we could move on to the championship finals, I can honestly write that the marching band staff and members are proud of our efforts this year. 5th place, while a disappointment most years, is quite an accomplishment this year given the amount of new members, lost seniors from last year and a new director. When I met with the students on the first day of band camp, we set goals for the season. None of our goals included making finals or winning a state championship. Instead our goal, was to create a culture of respect, create a culture that cared, and lastly create a culture that would initiate a new direction of success for future groups. We met our goals, and I have never been prouder of a group of young people during my 6 year tenure with the Grant County Marching Band.

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