2018 NKBDA Select Band

Congratulations to the following students for making the 2018 NKBDA Select Band held at Northern Kentucky University!!!!

8th grade: Callie Webster, 1st chair clarinet, Brianna Prince, 7th chair flute overall, Evelyn VieBrooks, 2nd chair tuba, Liberty Palmer, 1st chair trumpet, Emily Mullins, 7th chair trumpet, Colby Faulkner, 3rd chair snare, Logan Klette, 2nd chair mallets​

7th Grade: Gabby Blaker, 5th chair flute, Grace Bitler, 6th chair flute, Kammi Widener, 7th chair alto sax

These students, prepared music, auditioned and were chosen for the NKBDA Select Band held by NKU. For those unfamiliar with Select Band, this is the highest honor a middle school band student can receive; this is equivalent to being selected for an all regional team in any sport. These students will spend two days rehearsing music with nationally recognized conductors and perform music with the very best middle school band students in Northern Kentucky.

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